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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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that transbay has been the catalyst for this city. i look forward to working with everybody here for the future success of this program. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, director kim, supervisor kim for those words. our final speaker is one who has been in integral to this community. mike has been at my side for the last 15 years helping to make this project a reality along with all the members of the labor community, the carpenters, operating engineers and everybody. mike has been a member of the workers union since 1985 and has represented the workers from san mateo and marine and
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other counties. he has been voted by his peers and elected the treasure since 2005. he's been with us since the beginning. the transit project labor unit has been a model for other projects for success. all 20 units signaturary have signed on and we have been able to work with mike to create a program to mentor our youth both students ranging from 5 through high school and college. teaching them about engineering and architecture and all of the various disciplines that go into a project like this. mike as well as all the unions have been working with us as well with urs bashay and we have been working very hard with veterans
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to provide opportunities for them. in fact one of our very first contracts that was awarded was to a disabled company. without further a do i would like to have mike come up and speak. thank you. as supervisor kim pointed out, this came out of the recession and it put a lot of folks back to work. we have leader pelosi to thank for that and mayor lee and predecessors and supervisor kim and her pred -- board of supervisors. a
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hand to all of those that i'm happy to represent. and, you know in digging this hole, we have not just been going down into ground. maria talked a little bit about this day and how far it came from. we have gone into history and prehistory. we have gone back to where immigrants lived here. we came back in tame where a gold nugget was left here, when ships moord here. we have gone back to a place when willie mammoth left a tooth here for our workers to find. as any major construction project in the city you have to deal with it's history in order to start going in the other direction. that is what this pour today
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does. this pour today starts us in the other direction, starts us back in the present where we stand and start towards the future. the future you begin to see around you now and the future for a high speed rail. a future that will include many many jobs. we in the san francisco building trades have been building this city for 117 years now. we count on that being just the first 117 years. on this project being a part of starting us towards many more succession of 117 years to come. one more thing. i have a pass here also. you see those cords, they are called floats.
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i started hanging floats for that company. there is a past towards the future for me as well. with that, leaders pelosi, i would say let's pour some concrete and start ourselves towards the future. [ applause ] >> thank you, mike. now i would like to invite our speakers to sign and put some gloves on and put their i am imprint in the concrete for history.
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